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Instructional Support Services

Instructional Support Services

Under the direction of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Instructional Support Services (ISS) staff works with faculty to keep their course and program offerings up-to-date and the online class schedule current and reflective of courses available for student enrollment.

Faculty should contact us to:

  • Create, change, or delete a class
  • Create, change or delete a learning community
  • Obtain Change of Master (COM) Security Assignment Request
  • Submit edit to catalog
  • Create, change, or delete a course or program
  • Adopt a course from the district-wide course bank
  • Apply for a general education value for a course
  • Find information on courses or programs
  • Apply for approval increasing or eliminating a course fee or for a new one
  • Recommend improvement for service related to:
    • class schedule
    • curriculum process
    • course fee(s) modification
    • other related requests

Curriculum Development

  1. Download the Curriculum Development Request Form.
  2. Obtain signatures. 
  3. Call the Curriculum Office at Ext. 57803 or 57887 to schedule an appointment to meet with the Curriculum Work Team.
  4. Although course fees are a part of curriculum development, they must be applied for separately by completing a Course Fee Application.  For more information, contact ISS at (602) 285-7465.


Class Schedule Building

Curriculum Development

Change of Master (COM)

*if students are enrolled on a class to be canceled and you want to notify them of impending cancellation; first, submit COM with Class Status changed to Stop Further Enrollment, then notify students, then submit COM with Class Status changed to Cancel.  Review Consequence of Canceling a Class document.

Change of Master (COM) Security Assignment Request

Change of Master (COM) Status Descriptions

Curriculum Dev Request

Create a Learning Community

Course Fee Application

Request for Adjunct Faculty Overload Approval