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Employee Services

Employee ID Badge

The most basic reason for ID cards is to identify people for safety and security reasons. Wearing an ID badge is encouraged, not required. In order to park in Phoenix College gated employee designated parking lots, or enter some buildings/areas that are your assigned work place an ID badge is required.

Employees in *MCCCD Governing Board approved assignments wishing to obtain a Phoenix College picture ID badge must follow the steps below:

  • Stop by PC’s Employee Services Department in the north end of the Administration Building.
  • Upon verification of the employees status/assignment, the PC Employee Services representative will notify the Technology Support Help Desk.
  • Approved employees may immediately stop by the Technology Support Help Desk in D Building (west section), have their picture taken and have an ID issued. Please remember to bring along some form of picture ID so Help Desk personnel know they have the right employee.

If your card should be lost or stolen, immediately report the loss to the PC Technology Support Group Help Desk at 602-285-7200, it will be deactivated. Keep in mind that your card has an identifier attached to your name in the mag stripe on the reverse side, it could be used to enter areas that are accessible thru an ID badge (your name will come up on the report generated for the door in question) so it is important that the loss be reported as soon as possible. At your earliest convenience, come in to PC’s Employee Services Department and the representative will notify the Help Desk that you are eligible for a new card.

If you find a badge, return or mail it to the PC Safety Department, Phoenix College, 1202 W. Thomas Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85013

*The following MCCCD Governing Board approved assignments are eligible for a picture ID badge:

  • Residential Faculty
  • PSA
  • MAT
  • Safety
  • Maintenance and Operations
  • Active Retirees
  • Adjunct Faculty (Note: All adjuncts assigned to section numbers, this includes visiting Counselors and Librarians)
  • Specially Funded
  • One Semester Only (OSO) in any of the above employee categories
  • One Year Only (OYO) in any of the above employee categories