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Fleet Services


Transportation Services has a friendly, well trained staff prepared to offer a wide range of services and vehicles for all your college transportation related business needs. We provide safe, clean, dependable and reliable transportation to Administrators, faculty and staff. Taking you miles and miles around to help support the teaching and learning experience. Our on-line vehicle request form adds comfort and ease when requesting a vehicle.

You can view your vehicle reservation and check the availability of a fleet vehicle on the PC Fleet Calendar. 

Only employees who are in possession of a valid AZ Drivers License and have completed and passed the MCCCD Defensive Driving Course are authorized to drive a PC vehicle.  Access the MCCCD online Canvas Defensive Driver Training Course to get started (follow instructions under Defensive Driver Training"below). This Canvas session cannot be accessed off-campus.

Once you have completed the Canvas Defensive Driver Training course, please contact Priscilla Gonzales at x57437 for further direction regarding the Motor Vehicle Review.

The Administrative regulation 4.14 provides us with a written procedure for employees to be able to drive District owned and operated vehicles.

Vehicle Request Form 

Fleet Service Resources

  • PC Fleet Reservation Calendar - Coming Soon
  • Vehicle Request Form
  • Utility Cart Guidelines

    Here are the required steps to become eligible to check out a cart:

    1. Watch the slideshow:  Utility Cart Usage Guidelines
      (Slideshow opens in new window; return to this page when done.)
    2. Send an email to Priscilla Gonzales to confirm that you have completed the slideshow review — 
    3. Await confirmation.

    Thank you,
    Fleet Services

    NoteVehicles require a separate slideshow review. If you need to use a college vehicle for the first time, visit the Vehicle Usage Guidelines.


    Vehicle Use Guidelines

    Here are the required steps to become eligible to check out a vehicle:

    1. Watch the slideshow:  Vehicle Usage Guidelines
      (Slideshow opens in new window; return to this page when done.)
    2. Send an email to Priscilla Gonzales in Fleet Services to confirm that you have completed the slideshow review.
    3. Await confirmation.

    Thank you,
    Fleet Services

    Note: Utility Carts require a separate slideshow review. If you need to use a cart for the first time, visit the Utility Cart Usage Guidelines page.


    Defensive Driver Training

    MCCCD Driver Training Program

    Steps for HRMS Self–Enrollment

    These steps are for new and/or existing employees who have not completed the Defensive Driving course. This system is only available from a Maricopa site.

    1. Log into the MCCCD Human Resources Management System by going to the following URL: and clicking on the HRMS login link located at the right side of the page. Your username will be your Enterprise ID and your password is the same as your Maricopa email password. To find your Enterprise ID, please view instructions here:
    2. Once logged in, click the Self Service link.
    3. Click the Learning and Development link.
    4. Click the Request Training Enrollment  link on the left menu
    5. From the Request Training Enrollment page, click the Search by Course Number link and enter Course Number - 001124
    6. Click the Search button.
    7. From the Search Results click on the View Available Sessionslink.
    8. If you wish to view the Course Description, click the Description Icon button, then click the Return button to return to the View Available Sessions page.
    9. To enroll, click on the desired Course Session number link. (Ex:    numbers will vary). It is recommended that you select the session based on the month in which you need to complete the course. (Ex:To complete course in August of 2008 selectSession 0001 – 08/31/2008).
    10. Review Session Details, and then click the Continue  button.
    11. Click the Submit  button. Page down if button is not visible.
    12. Click the OK  button
    13. Click the Training Summary  link.
    14. This course will now be listed in your Training Summary.
    15. View the Status Column to be sure you are Enrolled
    16. From the Training Summary window, you can also Cancel yourEnrollment in a course. Click the Cancel button next to the course in which you would like to cancel your enrollment. The Cancelbutton is located to the right of the Status Column. You will be prompted to confirm your cancellation. Click the OK button. Note: Once you have completed the step above the Cancel button will no longer be accessible. You can only cancel enrollment in upcoming courses.
    17. To Enroll in additional courses repeat the steps above beginning with #2. Or Click the Sign out link to exit the system
    **NOTE: You will be notified by the system administrator within 24 hours with steps on how to log into the online course. Notifications of Enrollment and Cancellation are sent to your Business Email Address. View the Personal Information > Email Address area of HRMS Self Service to verify your Business Email Address.

    For questions or troubleshooting, please contact Beth Eberhardt at 480.731.8281 or Karen De La Viña at 480.731.8285.

    Steps to Access Canvas

    Congratulations, you have been enrolled in the online version of MCCCD Driver Training Program.  The class is available now.

    1. Log into Canvas at
    2. Click on the Maricopa Employee Internal Training. (This is where the course is housed) Enter your username and password.
    3. Your username will be your Enterprise ID.  For directions on how to view, you’re Enterprise ID: (
    4. Your password will be the same as your email password.
    5. Click on the course (under My Courses) in which you have registered.
    6. Follow the directions on the starting page
    7. In order to receive credit for completing this course, you must pass the final exam with a score of 80% or better. Your test score will be immediately available, and you may attempt the test as many times as necessary. Please complete an online evaluation within Canvas to offer your feedback on the course.

    If you have questions or problems, feel free to contact Karen De La Viña at 480.731.8285 or Sara McCarthy at 480.731.8618.

    Thank you and enjoy your class.