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MyApps - Phoenix College Virtualization Portal

The MyApps virtualization portal at Phoenix College provides access to multiple software titles that can be used on virtually any device and in some cases, can even be used off campus*. You may access it by visiting the portal Web address ( and entering your MEID and password.

A full set of instructions for accessing MyApps can be found at MyApps - Instructions.

*Due to software licensing restrictions, some software titles may only be available while using college computing devices on campus.

How do I log in?

Log in to Phoenix College MyApps using your MEID and password (the same one you use for your email and

After I log into MyApps, I am getting a message that says "Click Install to access your applications", what should I do?

Typically this message indicates that you need to install the Citrix receiver browser plug-in to access the MyApps environment. Please follow the instructions by following found here - MyApps - Instructions.

(Note: You must be logged in with your Phoenix College Gmail account to access these instructions.

When using Google Chrome, you may continue to receive this message. If you have already installed the application for accessing the environment, please click "Skip to Log on" to continue.

How do I access MyApps using an iPad?

To access the MyApps environment using an iPad or other iOS device, please follow the directions located here - iPad Instructions

How do I access MyApps using an Android device?

To access the MyApps environment using an Android device, please follow the directions located here - Android Instructions

I have personal files on my computer that don't relate to college work; can I move them to MyApps?

No, please limit the storage of files in MyApps to college work only.

Sometimes I receive a Citrix Receiver – Security Warning message....Did I do something wrong?

When the application you are using requires access to the local file system, MyApps will ask for permission. By selecting the option to "Permit Use", you will be able to access the local drives and devices connected to your computer. If you select the option to "Block Access", you will not be able to access the local drives and devices.

To avoid this message in the future, you can select the "Do not ask me again for this site" option and click on "Permit Use".

I noticed that some of the applications indicate "On Campus Only", why can't I access these from home?

To maintain compliance with specific software licensing restrictions, the applications with this designation are limited for access on campus only.

I don't see an application that I would like to use. How do I request this application to be added to MyApps?

To request the addition of a specific application to MyApps, please contact your instructor if you are a student or your department manager if you are faculty or staff so that they may submit a formal request for review.

When I open an application, I cannot locate files or folders on network drives…..What should I do?

When you launch an application using the virtualization site, you can locate network files by expanding the Computer folder and locate the needed drive letter and associated folder to access your existing files.

When I open an application and try to open a file located in the desktop folder, the folder appears to be empty.

When you launch an application using the virtualization site, the desktop folder is typically empty as the folder is part of your virtual user profile. To access files on your local computer desktop, expand the Computer folder and locate the folder titled “Local Disk (C: on Your Computer Name)”….Once connected to your local C:, you will find your local files in the folders you have stored them in.