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Management, Administration, Technology

Management, Administration, Technology


To support MAT employees to continue to make contributions to the Maricopa County Community College District teaching and learning organization by recognizing, developing, and promoting the needs of the MAT membership.

Strategic Directives:

  • Stronger Voice, Active Participation, and Increased Representation
  • Advocacy
  • Leadership Development, Mentoring, and Succession Planning


To provide leadership and services that represents and responds to the changing needs of the Maricopa County Community College District MAT membership.


  • Encourage an open, positive and diverse work environment
  • Improve the collaborative policy development and the meet and confer processes
  • Improve MAT policies, salaries and benefits
  • Ensure due process is followed regarding MAT policies
  • Promote MAT representation on district and college decision making bodies
  • Enhance Professional Growth, Sabbaticals and renewal opportunities
  • Advance the Statement of Values adopted by the governing Board as described in the MCCCD Vision Statement