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Center for Teaching and Learning

Faculty Resources

The Center for Teaching and Learning strives to support the teaching and learning needs of students and employees by providing resources including innovative teaching ideas, course redesign ideas, latest technology integration trends, access to technology and electronic classrooms, online and hybrid teaching ideas and help & support with Canvas.

New Teaching Ideas

Face-to-Face Teaching

email your students 
request electronic classrooms in the library
> download a learning college syllabus template (doc)
> project paper with ELMO (pdf)
Starboard Interactive Display (pdf)
> monitor student computers with Synchron Eyes (pdf)
teaching at a community college
consult with us on your course design

Online Teaching

email your students
course & technology orientation
> certify your online course with Quality Matters 
>measure your students' readiness for online learning
> get grant money to develop your courses with eLearning Grant
> new to online teaching at PC? Start here.
consult with us on your online course design

Media and Technology

> Login here to email your students 
Jing: Create screencasts for free. Jing tutorial (pdf).
PBWorks: Online Collaboration. PBWorks Tutorial
YouTube: Edit and Publish your course content YouTube tutorial
Google Apps: Collaborate on documents, create forms & sites. Google Apps tutorial 


Links on how to create accessible content for online classes. If you use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Multimedia files or PDF's for classroom content, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has specific resources for "Making Files Accessible".