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Programs and Degrees

The Maricopa County Community College District offers a variety of academic and occupational degrees and certificates to meet the needs and goals of its students and of the Maricopa community. In general, academic degrees and certificates are designed to support the student’s educational pursuits, while occupational degrees and certificates are designed to prepare the student to assume a desired position in the workforce.

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Workforce Development Programs

Applied Science Degrees (AAS) & Certificates of Completion (CCL)

Phoenix College offers 45 Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degrees and 90 Certificates of Completion (CCL). These programs are focused towards helping students learn current technical skills that will position them to be strong competitors in the workforce. Find AAS Degrees  | Find CCL's

Academic Programs

Associate Degrees

Require a minimum of 60-64 credits and are designed for students planning to transfer to baccalaureate-granting institutions. Note: The AA, ABUS, and AS are designed for students who plan to transfer to a university into majors that articulate with the appropriate degree pathway. 

  • Associate in Arts (AA) /Elementary Education (AAEE) / Fine Arts:Art (AAFA) / Fine Arts:Dance (AAFA) / Fine Arts: Theatre (AAFA)
  • Associate in Science (AS)
  • Associate in Business (ABUS General Requirements) / (ABUS Special Requirements)
  • Associate in General Studies (AGS)

Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC-A,B,S): Certificates require between 35 and 38 credits in courses that fulfill lower-division general education requirements. They are designed for students planning to transfer to any Arizona public community college or university. Generally, the MCCCD AGEC transfers as a block without loss of credit.  Read More 

Academic Certificates: Phoenix College offers academic certificates in seven areas of focus. Academic Certificates generally require between 12 and 39 credits and are designed for students who wish to gain expertise in an academic area. They are not designed to articulate with particular baccalaureate programs and do not transfer as a block.  Find AC's

University Transfer Partnerships

To ease your transition to a university, Phoenix College and the Maricopa County Community College District have partnered with 40 universities to offer you convenient ways to transfer and complete your bachelor's degree.

Check out the links below to learn more about transferrring from Phoenix College to one of our state universities.

Online Learning

Phoenix College offers three online degrees (AA, AGS, AAS-Admin of Justice); one academic certificate (AGEC) in three general academic areas; as well as many courses in an online or hybrid format. The courses are taught through the use of Blackboard, our e-learning platform. Additionally, some face-to-face courses also utilize Blackboard as a an online resource, housing documents such as the course syllabus, instructor notes and handouts. Read More 

Custom Training & Education 

Custom Training and Education (CTE) has been creating, coordinating and delivering quality workforce development programs to public and private sector businesses and their employees since 1990. The Phoenix College CTE provides flexible and customizable training solutions, as well as continuing and professional education.

Community Education/Non-Credit: Promoting learning across the lifespan and serving adults of all ages. A variety of educational experiences are offered utilizing the talents and skills of college faculty, students, local professionals, and retirees. Courses are designed to provide informational and enriching learning opportunities without the pressure of tests and grades. Some classes are offered free of charge, while others are provided for minimal fees and we also provide some credit classes too.