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Center for Continuing Dental Education

Center for Continuing Dental Education


Continuing Education Classes are on hold for the Spring 2016 semester. Please check back after March 1, 2016 for further updates.


Providing Quality Continuing Dental Education Since 1990

The mission of the Phoenix College Center for Continuing Dental Education is to expand upon the scientific and professional knowledge of health care providers; by presenting quality continuing dental education courses that promote current concepts of practice and excellence in patient services.


 Announcement:  The Center for Continuing Dental Education is currently being reorganized.  There are no classes scheduled for the Spring 2016 Semester at this time, except for Local Anesthesia.  Please continue to register for Local Anesthesia, and check back frequently for further updates of classes available.


Local Anesthesia Lecture and Lab for Dental Hygienists

Spring 2016 - Registration Instructions:

Dental Anesthesia Lecture and Lab Classes

The Phoenix College Dental Department offers a course for those interested in applying for an Anesthesia Certificate in Arizona, and to prepare for the Western Regional Examination Board (WREB) Anesthesia exams.

DHE227 Dental Anesthesia Lecture/Lab is not a Continuing Education course, but rather a full semester course.  Course content requires a minimum of 80 hours of online, self-study work, and meets from 8am – 5pm daily for three days prior to the WREB Anesthesia Exam.

Enrolled students will be sent a syllabus, with an assignment list just prior to the starting date of the class.  Required course textbooks are:

Handbook of Local Anesthesia by Stanley Malamed, (6th Edition) with DVD,

ISBN: 032307412 ISBN-13: 9780323074124.

Handbook of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Sedation by Morris Clark (4th Edition),

ISBN 145574572, ISBN-13: 9781455745470.

Students enrolling in the 2016 Spring Local Anesthesia course MUST be registered no later than January 19th, 2016, when the online self-study begins. This date is firm.  No one can be added to the course after 5 pm Pacific Time on January 11th, 2016. Students will need to be comfortable with online instruction and testing technology, must be self-directed and commit to 6 - 8 hours of study per week to complete.


This course is structured to meet the WREB testing agency timeline that in which requires that the local anesthesia exam be taken at least 15 days prior to the first day of the clinical exam in anesthesia and no more than 60 days prior. For more information on the WREB exam visit

Registration is through the Phoenix College Special Permissions Dental Department:

Please contact the Dental Department Secretary, Arty Flores at 602-285-7320 to enroll in classes.

If you are new to Phoenix College, or if you have not taken classes in the past four (4) semesters, you must follow the steps below.

Complete the Student Information Form, and follow the Steps to Enrollment:

There are three class sections to be registered into.   For registration assistance, call the department secretary, Arty Flores at 602-285-7320.

1.      Lecture, DHE227, Section 17327
2.      Lab, DHE227, Section 17926, 17928 or 17933 (same lab, but limited attendance in each section - register in one), and
3.      CEU Lab, Sections (TBD)

A copy of your Dental Hygiene License (or proof of program graduation), and current CPR card must be sent to the Dental Department prior to the starting date of class by one of the following methods:

1.      Fax:  602-285-7330

2.      Mail: Phoenix College Dental Department                                                                               Attn:  Local Anesthesia Registration

                  1202 W. Thomas Rd.

                  Phoenix, AZ  85013 OR,


3.      Secretary E-mail (for sending copies only):


Important Dates:  Registration Deadline January 19th

         · Online Self Study Session: January 19, 2016 through April 29, 2016.
         · Recommended deadline to complete the WREB written exam at Prometrics                    Testing, May 2, 2016
         · On Site/Hands On Session: 3 Day Local Anesthesia/Nitrous Clinical                                  May 6, 7 & 8, 2016.
         · WREB Anesthesia Exam at Phoenix College - May 20, 21, 22 & 23, 2016

Course Objectives

          · Thorough review of head and neck anatomy
          · Local anesthesia techniques
          · Administration of nitrous oxide analgesia
          · Identification and treatment of medical emergencies.
          · Preparation for the WREB examination in local anesthesia

For lab use, please bring
          · Two sterile aspirating syringes
          · Sterile hemostat
          · Blood pressure cuff and stethoscope
          · Clinical attire and patient safety glasses

Note: Students unable to receive anesthesia for medical reasons will need to provide a patient for the lab sessions. This course meets the licensure requirements in all WREB states and the special requirements of Arizona, Washington and New Mexico.

Limited Attendance: Class size is limited to 30. Registration deadline is 5:00 PM January 19, 2016. The full tuition fee must accompany the registration form.

Lab On-Site Location:   Phoenix College - Dental Clinic.  3144 N. 7th Avenue.  Phoenix, AZ  85013 (Corner of 7th Avenue and Flower Street)

Tuition: Approximate tuition - fees vary slightly depending on your residency status.

$1,265—Maricopa County Arizona Resident (residency - must live in Arizona for one year)

$1,485 - Non-resident fee

Exam: A separate examination and fee by the Western Regional Examining Board, as well as an application fee to the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners (ASBDE) are required to obtain a valid local anesthesia certificate by the ASBDE. Visit (under dental hygiene exams, and for more information.