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Medical Laboratory Science

Application Process


In addition to the general Enrollment Steps, and before registering or paying, the following steps are required in order to complete the application process into this program.

Please note that the college does not guarantee all applicants to be accepted into the program due to limitations of clinical placements and classroom size. Admission to the program is based on a competitive evaluation process of application completeness, grades in the prerequisite courses, reference, and quality of essay responses.

 ** Program Applications can be found on the left-hand menu, under "Related Links" **


Schedule Immunizations

Schedule immunizations (see locations and cost) or produce valid records and complete the Program Immunizations and Health Declaration Form. Obtain CPR certification (healthcare provider or professional rescuer level). Submit an application for a fingerprint clearance card (obtain application from healthcare advisor; approximate cost, $80).


Meet with a Healthcare Advisor

Make a registration appointment by calling a Healthcare Advisor, 602.285.7110. Bring the following to your appointment:

  • SAMPLE 2016-2018 Medical Laboratory Science Application (The actual application is online, follow the link on the left-hand menu, under "Related Links")
  • Copy of HS diploma or GED equivalent
  • Assessment scores AND copies of college transcripts demonstrating proof of completed prerequisite courses
  • Immunizations and Health Declaration Form
  • CPR card (healthcare provider or professional rescuer level)
  • Level 1 fingerprint clearance card - Fingerprint clearance card information

Students admitted into the program will be required to complete a drug screening test (approximate cost $35), a supplemental MCCCD background check (approximate cost $67), and a Health and Safety Compliance Tracker (approximate cost $25) prior to formal acceptance into the program. Students conditionally admitted into the program will be required to complete online clinical orientation modules to prepare for clinical externship, at the cost of approximately $37 for the year, prior to formal acceptance into the program. Students conditionally admitted into the program will be required to obtain a seasonal flu vaccination, prior to the start of clinical externship, depending on the time of year.


Application Deadlines

The next program will be December 2016-May 2018. Applications for the 2016-2018 program are now available (follow the link to the left, under "Related Links") and will be due Friday, September 2, 2016 at 4pm.

It is important to meet with an Advisor, to ensure you are prepared for the application process.

The application process is an online process. You can view a SAMPLE application, to ensure you have completed all of the requirements, but the actual application is done online.

The link to complete a NEW MLT Program Application can be found on the left-hand menu.

If you have started completing an application, saved the application, and want to return to CONTINUE a MLT Program Application, the link can be found on the left-hand menu.


*Effective Fall 2015, applicants must complete the following prerequisite courses prior to applying for the program:
HCC130, HCC145AA, BIO181, BIO182, MAT120, CHM130/130LL, BIO160, ENG101, ENG102, COM 100 or 110 or 225 or 230, and CRE101 (or exempt by assessment).  The chemistry, biology, and math courses must have been completed within the last 8 years.

If a student has completed related courses at a higher level, please contact the program director to discuss course substitutions for the prerequisite courses.  

HCC130 and HCC145AA may be waived for those candidates who have more than two years of relevant healthcare work experience.

All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to applying for the program.


Admission to the program is based on a competitive evalaution process of application completeness, grade point average in prerequisite courses, quality of essay, completeness of health and safety requirements, and quality of reference.