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Surveying Technology

Surveying Technology



The Surveying Technology program of study is designed to provide students with skills for surveying positions of responsible charge in the field or office of local municipalities or consulting firms. Students in this program receive education and training that enables them to perform multiple surveying tasks related to boundaries, construction, and mapping.

Skills & Knowledge

Examples of skills and knowledge gained through the successful completion of the program include the ability to:

  • Use computer-aided drafting to produce construction drawings. 
  • Develop civil drawings using the proper line work and symbology for land plats, contour maps, land subdivisions, and profiles for land contours.
  • Perform civil engineering/public works construction surveys, route surveys, and staking techniques, including highways, streets, pipelines, tunnels, culverts, and bridges.
  • Collect, organize, present, analyze, and interpret numerical data using frequency distributions and graphical presentations.
  • Use fundamental principles of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry to solve surveying problems.

Program Certificate & Degree Options

In this program you can earn the following:

Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university should contact the Transfer Center for specific information on transfer requirements.

Employment Outlook

Program graduates are prepared for entry-level positions as survey instrument persons or survey technicians.

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