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PC Web Development/Design Update 9.21.2011

September 21, 2011


PC Web Development/Design Update 9.21.11


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PC Web Development/Design Update 9.21.11
During the 2011 Spring Semester, the PC Web Task Force contracted with a web development/design vendor through a rigorous, district-wide, RFP process. Parallax Visual Communications was chosen to design/build the new Phoenix College website.
A campus-wide forum was held in the spring and the overall new web design was presented. The design process involved the assembly of wire frames, development of the navigation and flow of information, and a brand new set of features to improve the overall experience. Key redesign goals and recommendations revealed through the Web Discovery Process were met.
Some of the new website features will include:
Program Landing Page
  • Easy Access to the Class Schedule & Registration Steps
  • Wider Content Area
  • Improved Navigation - Comprehensive Drop Down Menus
  • Convenient Access to Popular Links
  • Integration of Social Media and Multimedia
  • Improved Program and Degree Search
  • Large Footer with Links to Audience Landing Pages
  • Simplified Editing Process
Over the summer, web development commenced with the construction of the program areas. The program section was completed and delivered in September, allowing for testing and integration of modules. Development continues this fall and spring with the remaining portions of the website, including: student service and department pages, library, athletics, and media pages for news and events. Institutional Advancement employees will continue to meet with faculty and staff to update the content of the website. The complete website should be delivered to Phoenix College by April 2012 for testing.

Expected "go-live" launch - summer of 2012.