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PC New Website Update - Media Pages

January 10, 2012

--by Eileen Archibald

The NEW Phoenix College website will house a Media Center designed much like a newspaper.  "Bear Tracks", the named of the original Phoenix College student newspaper was retained and "online" was added to this new edition. 

Header:  The Phoenix College seal has been subtly integrated into the masthead design which also houses the title, edition date (changes each day),  quick links to online resources, and tabbed sections for News, Events, Blogs, and the Photo Gallery.

The feature story has large colorful headlines, several lines of lead copy and an eye catching photo. If a reader clicks on read more they will be taken to the full story. Selecting the News tab at the top of the page takes them to the News page which contains all of our news stories and archives.

Our most recent videos are housed under the feature story. A full sized video will open if the images are clicked.  Two photo galleries are featured on the main page (find additional galleries on photo gallery page):  The Phoenix College Photo Gallery and Student Photos. The main photo gallery will show a compilation of our latest campus photos. Did you notice the "submit your photo" link? Students will be able to send their own photos to the webmaster for possible uploading to the student collection.  We also prepared room for feature blogging stories. We hope to have some interested bloggers in our midst--students or employees.  Let us know if you are interested! Note:  blogs contained on the PC website will not allow for comments.

Think of the Bear Tracks media page as the front page of a newspaper with eye catching images, headlines, bright color, and teasers which lead you deeper.

Background Skin:  To retain a bit of our history, the background of the Media Center pages reflects older editions of PC Bear Tracks.

Sidebar:  The PC Twitter feed sits at the top followed by four news headlines.  Students, faculty, and staff will be able to send their own story for publishing to the web (see the News Landing Page below).  The sidebar also contains a few event teasers, social media links, and a Facebook Facepile displaying Facebook profile photos of the latest fans.

Main News Landing Page: The main news page is shown on the left below.  When a reader clicks on read more, they will be led to the complete story as shown on the right.  The main news page also contains the news archives in the right column. Submit your story, media inquiries, and popular tags complete the page.  A reader will be able to click on a tag name and view all stories related.

The full story page allows for a vertical or horizontal feature photo as well as additional smaller photos throughout. The page contains an area for related stories with similar tags.  Notice the RSS and share buttons at the top of the page.  Readers will be able to share a story via a social network or sign-up to follow the PC News by using a suggested RSS feedburner which adds the feed to a news aggregator page such as iGoogle.

The Events Calendar Page shows daily and weekly ongoing event titles, date, time and location. When a reader clicks on an event they will be presented with full event details. The sidebar monthly calendar allows for daily, weekly, or monthly views as well as a search feature.  Additional college calendars are also added to the sidebar.  A submit your event button is displayed for employees or students to submit suggested events.  Employee submissions will be automatically added to the main calendar.  Student submissions will be moderated before being posted.

The Photo Gallery Page will feature several photo galleries each with a large photo and selectable thumbnails. When a photo is selected a full sized image will open.  Alumni and students will be able to submit their photos for possible inclusion in the alumni or student specific photo galleries.

The new Phoenix College website will be launched in the Summer of 2012!

Note:  Pages reflected on this site are shown in Photoshop and may appear slightly different when built into Drupal.