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Current Local Job Fairs

April 10, 2012
A valuable addition to your job search!
Check out these OPPORTUNITIES
Why attend a Job Fair?
  • Explore options: An excellent opportunity to browse and conduct research.
  • Convenience: Meet with a variety of employers in one location.
  • Develop research skills:  A wealth of information awaits you.  Gather in-depth information about background, mission and culture of the companies that interest you.  
  • Practice interviewing:  Listen carefully to the questions recruiters ask and the information offered about the companies.  Impress the recruiter!
  • Networking:  Talk to everyone, you may hear about new opportunities 
Job Fair Tips!
  • Check the list of participating employers.  Learn about the companies ahead of the fair.
  • Dress professionally:  Come prepared for an on-the-spot interview. Be conservative in appearance, wear comfortable shoes.
  • Bring resumes:  Use a folder/portfolio to hold resumes and collect company literature.
  • Arrive early:  Leave time to find parking and check-in.
  • Be assertive and show initiative:  Smile, shake hands, be friendly and introduce yourself to recruiters.
  • One minute commercial:  Prepare a concise message that sells your skills and strong points. Be prepared to discuss your goals and how you will benefit the company.  
  • Ask for a business card:  Send a thank you note or email immediately following the fair.
  • Remain calm, have a positive attitude and HAVE FUN!