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Public Safety Update/Summary of Incidents/May 21-May 27, 2012

May 28, 2012

Public Safety Update/Summary of Incidents/May 21-May 27, 2012

May 21; 10:25 am: The loss of keys to rooms in the “C” building was reported to Public Safety. The keys were thought to have been lost off campus.

May 21; 11:05 am: Staff reported the theft of a handcart from the “MP” building. Per staff, several other items appeared to have been moved but not missing. Measures were taken to secure a potential entry point.

May 23; 5:30 am: A student reported harassing text messages over the past few months from another student in class. Contact by Public Safety Staff was made and the texts subsided for about a month. Text messages have started again and it is being addressed administratively at this time as well as documented by Safety Staff.

Other Activities

No injuries or motor vehicle accidents were reported during this time of limited classes.

Safety: Safety on our PC Campus is all of our concern and responsibility as involved community partners. If you see activity that appears suspicious and/or destructive, call Public Safety to report it: give the location, type of activity and descriptions of those involved if possible. The Safety Office phone is staffed 24/7. The number is 602-285-

NOTE: Faculty members are encouraged to share the safety updates with their students.

End of update.

All Arizona State laws governing the movement and operation of motor vehicles are adopted by the Maricopa Community