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Ursa Majors Guiding Principles

May 19, 2012
Ursa Majors Guiding Principles 
We are Phoenix College students
Ursa Major is “The Great Bear” and the Phoenix College mascot is Bumstead Bear. We are all Phoenix College students and we are all PC bears.

We are moved to understand science and its applications
As Ursa Majors we are “majoring” in subjects such as math, biology, histology, physics, chemistry, technology, programming, ecology, phlebotomy, geology, etc. and we are interested in how these areas of inquiry lead to real-world professions and serve real-world needs.

We are driven by our academic pursuits
Some cultures have seen Ursa Major to appear as a chariot. Like a chariot driven by horses, we are driven by our desires to learn, understand, act and succeed.

We are each forging a path for ourselves
Some cultures have seen Ursa Major to appear as a plow. In agriculture, a plow is a heavy farming tool with a sharp blade or series of blades for breaking up soil and making furrows. To plow is to work at something and progress slowly and steadily. Through college and into professional life, we apply ourselves and make steady progress.

We are a dynamic yet transitory community
Ursa Major is an asterism (a cluster of stars that is smaller than a constellation). While it now appears to us as a “big dipper” it did not always look this way. In fact, it is comprised of seven stars that are not moving in the same direction and in time the familiar shape of a big dipper will shift and change. As a club, we are comprised of individuals coming from different backgrounds and moving forward in different directions. We come together at this time and at this place to form a discernable community – a club – that will undoubtedly change over time.