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Marketing Students Impact Campus Wayfinding Project

June 16, 2012

Marketing Students Impact Campus Wayfinding Project. 

As part of a class project, students from the spring 2012 MKT 271 class were asked to study the effectiveness of the PC wayfinding signage with a special focus on the large directories designed to lead visitors to their desired designation on campus.


The students broke into small teams to study the wayfinding components of the directories, including location, information, legibility, accuracy and layout and design. The teams studied the directories and made observations, choosing a wayfinding focus and establishing goals. Their next steps included choosing target groups, designing questionnaires, developing questions and choosing formats and rating scales. Survey Monkey, an online survey instrument was used to create the survey and gather data.


The survey results revealed that many students had difficulty finding their way around campus. The MKT 271 students made recommendations to the wayfinding system that included the use of school colors, 3D maps, locating directories at the entrances to campus, limiting the amount of information listed and organize it in a way that students would understand.

"Condense the directory…every room or service posted on the map is good, but too much of  a good thing can be to much of a good thing.  People don't want to stand at a directory squinting at a long list to find their inquiry or classroom we believe that it would be condensed to include only the important services and facilities that can create landmarks to help people navigate." -- PC Student

Their recommendations were reviewed by the PC Wayfinding/Signage Committee and most were incorporated into the wayfinding designs in development. Building signage reflecting the blue and gold school colors will be installed before the fall semester. A copy of the new 3D campus map with a student focused legend is attached.

Way to Go -- PC Marketing Students!