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About PC Student Laura Parra

July 05, 2012

Name: Laura Parra

Hometown: Phoenix, Az

Program of Study: Pediatric Nurse

Career Goals

My career goals are to transfer to ASU to complete my program of study and start off small working on my major and eventually have my own clinic.  

Advice for New Students

As a new student in college its nerve racking not knowing where to start. Get familiar with the campus. Knowing where to find every different kind of resource really helps you feel comfortable -- even if you don't know anyone.

Meet new people who seem focused, they will be of help when it comes to motivation.

Best Place to Study

The library is definitely the best place to study in my opinion. Its quiet, comfortable, and has everything you need. It provides students with study rooms for those who get distracted with little noises like myself.

Best Student Experience

That's me on the PC Cheer Squad at the Homecoming Game!
What I like best is being involved so much with school activites and meeting new people.

Having the Student Union really helps when in need of a break from all hard work!

Extracurricular Activities

Cheerleading is something I love doing, and being part of the cheer squad here was a new and great experience.