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Great Achievements in the Physical Sciences

July 17, 2012

From Galileo, Newton, Einstein and Cherenkov to Albumasar, Kepler, Leavitt and Chandresekhar to Eratosthenes, Hutton, Nordenskiold and Richter to Thales, Aristotle, Bacon and Curie to Vitruvius, Trevithick, Cierva and Wang the desire to learn spans space, time, countries, boundaries, and cultures. Great Achievements in the Physical Sciences

 Galileo 1564-1642  astronomer, physicist
 Newton 1642-1727 physicist, mathematician
 Einstein 1879-1955 physicist
 Cherenkov 1904-1990 physicist
 Albumasar 787-886 astronomer, mathematician
 Kepler 1571-1630 astronomer, mathematician
 Leavitt 1868-1921 astronomer
 Chandresekhar 1910-1995 astronomer
 Eratosthenes 276-194BC geographer,mathematician, astronomer
 Hutton 1726-1797 geologist
 Nordenskiold 1832-1901 geologist, mineralogist,explorer
 Richter 1900-1985 geologist, mineralogist, explorer
 Thales 635-543BC geologist, mineralogist, explorer
 Aristotle 384-322BC empiricist, philosopher
 Bacon 1561-1626 scientist, philosopher
 Curie 1867-1934 chemist, physicist
 Vitruvius 80BC-?AD engineer, architect, writer
 Trevithick 1771-1833 engineer, inventor
Cierva 1895-1936 engineer, pilot
Wang 1920-1990 computer technologist, inventor