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Pursuing a STEM Career at Phoenix College

July 25, 2012

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, but it really translates into opportunities for quality, high paying jobs for those students who successfully complete a STEM education.


The Phoenix College STEM program is dedicated to helping our students make it through the first two years of a STEM degree. We do this by offering a range of services and aid.


We can help students:

·         Pay for a STEM degree: STEM specific scholarships are available to Phoenix College students through STARS, the Phoenix College Math Department, and the S-STEM program. Our STEM peer mentors are happy to help fellow students find and apply for scholarships. In addition, PC students can be eligible for specific STEM-related paid positions, including STEM Scholars, science tutors, supplemental instruction leaders and research interns.

·         Explore a STEM Career: Through internships, tours and job shadow opportunities, we help students experience a variety of STEM careers. In addition, Phoenix College STEM peer mentors and math and science specialists are readily available to discuss STEM-related careers.

·         Develop into a STEM Professional: Phoenix College STEM hosts free workshops on putting together a  résumé, networking and other job skills focused on launching you into a STEM career.

·         Get involved in the STEM community: Phoenix College STEM participates in numerous events and activities as part of the STEM experience. Students can join Ursa Majors, our campus science club, participate in a local health fair, or be part of other community events.

·         Get through STEM classes: Whether a student needs advice about how to study for a chemistry class or just needs to vent about a difficult biology class, the PC STEM stands ready to assist students in making it through the first two years of the rigorous STEM program.

The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology has found the U.S. is going to need a million more STEM college graduates than we are currently on pace to produce by 2021. This means that a STEM graduate can be confident knowing that they will have plenty of quality jobs to apply for at their end of their college career.


Let Phoenix College STEM support and enrich your college experience. For more information, contact Nicole Bowers at 480.291.3135