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Advice for Successful Job Seekers

January 28, 2013

Here are some job search tips from one of our employers.

  1. Build a LinkedIn page that includes your education, previous employment and resume. Network with as many professionals as you can specifically in your industry and companies that you would like to work with. Ask them about how they got started in the industry!
  2. Present a solid resume: Review your resume and make sure that your education and work history is neat and clear…with no errors!!
  3. Interview preparation: Make sure that you understand what the company does and what role you are interviewing/applying for. It impresses employers when you know about their most current events or have good questions for them about their company.
  4. Presentation: Dress neat and professional for interviews: suit/tie and clean shaved for men and pants/skirt suit for women with heels.
  5. Rehearse and go over interview questions that you may be asked. Be sharp and concise in the interview!

Thank you Andy McKeague, Medix Staffing Solutions, Inc.

Mr. McKeague will be on campus in February. 

Come to Career Services (HC 113)  to get your resume ready.