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Web Tip: Announcements - How to Post Announcements/Blogs To a Department or Program Web Page

February 13, 2013

Each Department has been designated blog that is specific to their area. This widget would appear on the right side panel entitled "Announcements" (see image). Each blog post has a unique URL (you can post a link in an email or in the body of a web page) and can contain photos and hyperlinks as well. These posts are a great place to share information about scholarships, new courses, internships, etc.

Program pages can also have the department announcements show up on the program's main page.

All employees already have access to post to the website. To post an announcement/blog, just follow these steps:

  • Log into the website
  • Expand the Admin toolbar, then click on Create Content > Blog
  • Choose the Department you are posting for (1)
  • Enter a Title (2) (a headline for your announcement)
  • Enter a blog category (3) if directed to (some categories may be reserved for specific use)
  • Upload an image and caption (4) (Optional. Image will be resized automatically to fit. Square or Horizontal images work best.)
  • Enter your announcement into the Body area (5)The first few lines of your blog post are included as a teaser in the announcements sidebar. If your title is important, you may want to repeat the title at the beginning of your blog post.
  • Click the Save button (6).

All posts are reviewed for publication throughout the day. Your post should show up shortly. If it does not, contact the web team.

How to Blog

Your announcement/blog will show up on the Bear Tracks Online section of the website, at

Announcements block

If you have enabled announcements on your department or program pages, the latest three announcements will show up on the page. Visitors can view the complete list of your department's announcements by clicking the View All > link beneath the last announcement.

Instructions for enabling the Announcements on your page will be covered in another tutorial. Please contact the web team if you need this featured enabled, or if you need any other help. You can also visit the Web Features/Options page for an explanation of these website features.