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Web Tip: Heading Styles

April 24, 2013

Various heading styles can be used within the website text editor. When creating a page, using proper headings helps to organize the web page, just as using headings in a word processor helps to structure the main sections or paragraphs of a page.

Heading 2 and Heading 3 (H2 – H3) are most common, but H2 – H6 are available. These work as headings and subheadings within the page. Additionally, use of these headings within the page (instead of using "Bold") will help with accessibility by making these headings available to screen readers. It also preserves the intended styles for the page. Note: The H1 tag is reserved by the system for the page title, and cannot be used within the body text.

The use of the font tag, and other deprecated styles are no longer used in HTML, and will be removed when the page is displayed.

If you have questions related to the use of these headings, or want help structuring the web page, contact the web team.

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Heading Styles