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Southwest Ambulance Contributes Funds and Leadership

June 26, 2013
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Southwest Ambulance has contributed the final installment of their generous $100,000 donation. The contributions took place over a five-year period in support of the Raul H. Castro Institute. In addition to the fiscal donation, Southwest Ambulance is represented on the Advisory Committee for the Institute.

This act of generosity has allowed RCI to carry out its mission of conducting research in areas that affect the Hispanic/Latino community including health, education, leadership and civic engagement. Activities of the RCI create opportunities for the involvement of students, employees, and the community. In the role of public service partner, Southwest Ambulance leads the way for the RCI to secure additional funding from external partnerships to help fulfill its mission. 

Pictured above: John Karolzak, Vice President, South & Southwest Zone; Edward Podol, Central Arizona Division General Manager; Roy Ryals, Southwest Ambulance Chief Operating Officer; Ofelia Cañez, Raul H Castro Institute Director; Raul H. Castro, former Arizona Governor; Anna Solley, President of Phoenix College; Martin Nowakowski, Government & Community Relations.