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Students Give Gratitude at Donor Wall Reception

July 03, 2013
Celebrating the Donor Wall unveiling (l to r) are scholarship recipients Robert Nolan, Valeria Ramirez, Miguel Lopez-Gonzalez and Jennifer Fish with President Anna Solley and donor Dan L. Withers

Individual and corporate donors to Phoenix College were recognized at a reception unveiling the new Donor Wall held in the recently renovated Hannelly Center, May 2, 2013. Student scholarship recipients had the opportunity to meet those who have generously contributed to their education and express what the financial support has meant to them.

Robert Nolan, Dougherty Foundation scholar, said, “Education is like gravity – it pulls you toward it, but it can also weigh you down. Your contributions help to relieve some of that weight.”

Miguel Lopez-Gonzalez is the 2013 valedictorian, All-Arizona Academic Team member and recipient of the $10,000 Diane H. Thomas Scholarship. He pointed out that without donors, he would not be able to attend college at all, let alone attain his stellar successes.

President Anna Solley said, “Without your philanthropy and vision for a better future, we would not be celebrating the success of our students or the growth of the Scholarship Program.”

Also addressing the gathering was Dan Withers, owner D.L. Withers Construction and a contributor to the Eric Fischl Scholars Program. His firm has constructed many of the buildings on campus including the new Hannelly Center.

Explaining his philanthropy, Withers said, “We got to know the campus, the vision, the leadership and the commitment. I wanted to get more involved.”

The reception finale was the unveiling of the new interactive Donor Wall. Visitors can use the touchscreen to learn more about Phoenix College on a historical timeline, find a name listed among the school’s thousands of donors, and watch video testimonials of both donors and students. The wall displays 3,124 donors whose cumulative giving totals $4.8 million in contributions.