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The Male Empowerment Network (MEN) Chapter at PC

August 23, 2013

As Coordinator of Minority Services, I am pleased to announce the establishment of the Phoenix College chapter of The Male Empowerment Network (MEN).


MEN was created in response to the Maricopa Community College District Minority Male Initiative (MMI) in order to improve the retention and degree completion of minority male students enrolled in Maricopa County community colleges. MEN programs and activities are designed to promote: Empowerment, Engagement, Success, Leadership, and Brotherhood.

The Phoenix College chapter of MEN functions as an inclusive “student-first” organization that offers members a committed support system on the path of degree completion and career preparation. The organization provides members valuable resources and prioritizes their personal, academic, and professional development, while encouraging campus involvement.

Program Objectives

The program objectives of the Male Empowerment Network at Phoenix College are to:

Provide participation in monthly seminars or “brown bag lunches” which will include the following topics: learning styles, goal setting, dress for success, workplace and dining etiquette, resume building and interviewing, networking, career planning, diversity/cultural enrichment, and money management. 

Provide career and educational mentoring to students through opportunities to shadow successful minority males both on campus and in the community. Internships will be provided for members in their desired field. 

Provide financial aid, grant, and scholarship information to mentees who participate in MEN.

Require that members reach and/or retain a 2.5 GPA, while aiming to improve academic performance.

If faculty, administrators or community members are interested in mentoring, speaking/teaching a workshop, or know of any contacts that may be interested, please contact Marlon Liddell at or (602) 285-7956.

We are also looking for interested students!