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Web Tip: Creating a Hyperlink

August 28, 2013

Whether posting a blog, entering an event, or editing a page — web editors can hyperlink to other pages, or even to documents, with a few simple steps.

To insert a link, you must first select the text that you want to be displayed. For example, type some text such as "View our program application".

  • Highlight these four words
  • Click the link button (it looks like a chain or link)
  • Enter the web address into the "Link URL" (1) field.
  • Click "Insert" (3) and you're done.

To link to a document, you can link to an existing document by entering the URL the same way. Or you can upload a document by clicking the button (2) next to the Link URL. Upload and select the document, then click Insert File. The link will be entered into the Link URL field. Click Insert (3) to finish.

Link popup screen