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This Week in Honors, August 19-23

August 20, 2013

Dear Honors Community,

Bang -- and we're off on another semester! Be sure to check your Maricopa email account every Monday so you can be in the know for All Things Honors. If you have any Honors friends or classmates we may be missing on this email, have them contact us and we'll get them added.

Special welcome to our new Honors students
We warmly welcome our new Fall 2013 Honors students! Whether we met you in our Presidents' Scholars orientation sessions last week, or are slowly meeting as you come to class, or to the Hub, know that we're happy to have you. We hope you take advantage of all the Honors Program can offer you. Your Honors experience is what you make it.

The Honors Hub
Everyone in the Honors community is welcome to use the Hub as their campus home. Stow your lunch in the fridge, eat with friends, use the computer lab, or just come chill out and read a magazine. We don't have a lot of rules around here, but please use common sense and respect the place and the people in it. And remember our motto: Don't Be a Fool, or We'll Have to Make a Rule.

Please note our new Hub hours:
Monday-Thursday, 8:00-5:00
Friday 8:00-2:00
(for this week, we'll only be open until 4:00 Monday-Thursday--our new hours start next week)

Honors Locker Lottery
If you would like to take your chance at getting one of the Honors lockers, please get your name to Colleen or Julie at the front desk by noon on Friday, August 23. We will do the drawing at 12:05 and let you know if you're a locker winner by that afternoon.

Meanwhile, go to class and succeed!

Ms. O'Brien
Honors Director