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In Tribute to Bob Howell (Father of Phoenix College Alumni)

March 26, 2014
Bob Howell as PC Student

In Tribute to Bob Howell (Emeritus Member of Half-Century Club)

Bob Howell, a primary founder of the PCAA and Half Century Club, passed away in early 2014. Bob Howell's affiliation with Phoenix College (PC) dates back to his childhood when he grew up only four blocks away from the College's original site in downtown Phoenix. A lifelong advocate for the betterment of the community colleges, Bob contributed his time, talents, and treasures to helping establish, nurture, and grow the Phoenix College Alumni Association (PCAA), a nationally recognized program, since its inception nearly twenty-five years ago.

A graduate of PC from 1947, Bob wis the epitome of volunteerism. His commitment to Phoenix. College is immeasurable and he has set the standard for his peers among the PCAA. As a founding member of the PCAA, Bob served as the Association's Past President; he provided dedicated leadership to one of the Association's most successful programs, the Half-Century Club, serving as Club President for multiple terms; he chaired the first Membership Committee of the PCAA (membership has grown from 70 members in 1989 to nearly 20,000 in 2005); and he championed the Association's scholarship fundraising efforts by becoming the first alumnus to establish an endowed scholarship for underprivileged students to attend Phoenix College. In 1994 and 2004, when the Maricopa Community College District turned to voters for approval of capital campaigns, Bob helped organize and lead alumni in a public relations campaign which eventually led to successful passage by voters of both initiatives.

Today, Bob is affectionately known as the "Father of the Phoenix College Alumni Association." In recognition of his unparalleled support of Phoenix College and the Phoenix College Alumni Association, PC President Dr. Anna Solley made alumni history when she dedicated the office space which houses Alumni and Development and the Phoenix College Alumni Association as the "Bob Howell Alumni Center" at the PCAA Annual Meeting on April 20, 2006.