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Genesis Cisneros

April 10, 2014

What is your hometown?  I’m from San Diego, California - born and raised!

What brought you to Phoenix College? I heard from a lot of people that PC had a wide variety of classes and a great environment. I wanted to check it out for myself and when I finally did, I did not want to leave. PC definitely stands up to its reputation.

What is your program of study at PC? My major is Communication, which I plan to use to get into law school.

What are your future career goals? My future career goals are to get my Associates in Science degree in Communication from Phoenix College. Then attend Arizona State University’s Tempe campus for my Bachelors in Science in Communication, while completing an internship with a senator. After I graduate from ASU, I plan to move to Washington, D.C. to work for congress. From there, I plan to attend Georgetown Law. Once I graduate from Georgetown, I plan to move to California where I hope to have a law practice.

What is your current position with Student Leadership Council (SLC)? I am the female co-chair.

What made you want to get involved on campus and with the SLC? Before attending Phoenix College, I used to go to another community college. I never really wanted to be part of anything and school started to get really lonely and boring. I decided to start new and transfer to PC. I started trying out different clubs. I noticed from the beginning that SLC is where I needed and wanted to be. It's an amazing club that turns members into leaders, which has been preparing me for my future career. Now that I have an official leadership position, I try to help other people and harvest what SLC planted in me.

What has been your favorite memory at PC so far? In 2013, SLC members, old executives, and I went to NAU for a challenge activity and it was awesome seeing everyone overcome some type of fear. All of us really bonded in that trip.

Have you had a favorite class/professor? Why did you like it so much? Yes, Geology 101 & 103 with Joseph K. Drosendahl. He's an amazing professor with a great sense of humor. His way of teaching is cool, fast, and understandable. You will not get bored in his class and he also makes sure each and every student understands the topic before moving on to the next one.