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Important Career Tips

April 30, 2014

Phoenix College Career Services can provide students with an opportunity to learn and help them develop those necessary skills to engage in life/career planning. Students will learn about all kinds of career possibilities, the knowledge and skills you'll need to succeed, and trends and technologies that are transforming the American workplace.

Important Career Tips

  • Know the field that you are studying and do the necessary research about the career to see what steps will have to be taken to get into that field
  • Learn different careers and opportunities that are available in the field
  • Start looking now into the important people in the field and what have they done that makes them successful

Career Connections

  • Begin making personal relationships with people in that field
  • See how you can begin to get your foot in the door
  • Begin networking your brand
  • Making those connections and looking for different ways to start working in the field for the experience


  • Begin doing the necessary advertisement to get your name out there
  • Get on social networking and begin making relationships with people in the field
  • Contact people in the field and see if they do anything to help college student gain experience in the field

We encourage you to visit Career Services regularly. The more we know about you, the more suggestions and connections we can provide. We can help you with general career planning, networking advice, direction for your search, and resume and cover letter review.

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