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Juan Magana

April 10, 2014

When did you attend Phoenix College? Did you receive any degrees or certificates?  I attended Phoenix College right after South Mountain High School in August of 2008. I was at PC from Aug. 2008- May 13th, 2011. I received my Associates degree in arts, which was completed with honors.

What is Phoenix College to you? Phoenix College was truly my stepping stone to everything that I've accomplished today. PC allowed me go beyond my comfort zone and explore new horizons.

What have you been up to since graduating? After PC, I transferred to Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I have had the ability to study abroad in England, traveled Spain, and backpacked across Europe.

You’re studying to be a journalist, what has that been like? As a news reporter with Cronkite NewsWatch, I have covered various stories around our state. I have gone to cover stories in Verde Valley, Montezuma Castle, Tucson, and Nogales. Cronkite NewsWatch is the Cronkite School's award-winning 30-minute nightly newscast, the largest student-produced newscast in the world. We produce four live newscasts each week during the semester that reach more than 1 million Arizonans via 8.3, digital channel of Eight, Arizona's PBS station. As a reporter my job is to pitch stories and cover them.

Do you work with any other news organizations? I am working with KAET-TV PBS 8 as a photographer. This is a work-study program in which I go out with reporters to cover various stories for the nightly show “Horizon.” I am also a reporter for the Spanish show Cronkite News en Español. I have also completed internships with KNUV-AM, KPHE-TV and KTAR-FM. Since high school, I have also worked for Walgreens, where I have a great manager that works with my school and reporting schedules.

What was your favorite class while at PC? While at PC I had so many wonderful classes. Thanks to all my classes I learned something very useful that I have applied to my everyday life, such as:

  • The world history that I learned in Dr. Michael Wilson's history class that I used while I was in Europe
  • Being able to explain something I learned in Amanda Chapman's anatomy class in one of my health reports
  • If it weren't for Liz O'Brien's public speaking class, I wouldn't be able to stand in front of a live camera.
  • Thanks to Dr. Albert Celoza's political science class, I have a better understanding of how politics work when covering a story at the state capitol.
  • Understanding and using formal Spanish that I learned in Dr. Trino Sandoval's Spanish class has helped me communicate with other Spanish speakers in a professional and polite manner.
  • Lastly, as a PC Ambassador, Diana Martinez, John Yocopis, and Rebecca Valenzuela taught me how to work as a team and show the best of myself in front of hundreds of people.

Any words of advice for someone thinking about attending PC? I would say to do it! It's the smartest and most affordable way to go!