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Adding Up All the Facts

May 29, 2014

With so many wonderful and exciting careers out there, it is hard to pick just one. But I was able to do just that. I choose accounting. Doesn’t sound very exciting, I know. But give me time to inform you and change your mind. Accountants ensure the accuracy and lawfulness of financial statements, confirm taxes are paid properly and on time, inspect accounts for efficiency and correct use of accounting procedures , and suggest ways to reduce costs, enhance revenues, and improve profits. Quite simply, they make sure the numbers balance. The people with these skills are in demand, and the demand is going to increase 13% from 2012-2022, opening 166,700 new positions.  The price of that demand is an average of $46,699 for an entry level position.

However, there is no one that wants to stay in an entry level job forever. In the accounting field there is always information and knowledge to obtain and obtaining it means advancing. Having more education means having a better chance to rise above the ranks and earn more. The most common way of doing this is becoming a certified public accountant (CPA).

To receive the credentials associated with CPAs you must first earn at least a bachelor’s degree in either accounting or finance, in some cases a master’s degree is required and in some states a degree may be substituted with relevant work experience. The next step is to prepare for and take the four-part Unified Certified Public Accountant Examination. Some states also require you have previous work experience. Once you have earned you certification as a CPA you can hold such titles as CEO and CFO, become an international accountant, a forensic accountant, and many more prestigious and fulfilling careers. When you add it all up, you realize you can go further with accounting.

After reading this, I know you are ready and set to become an accountant. To learn more about what you can do with an Accounting career; contact Phoenix College Career Services via phone 602-285-7420 or by email