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Healthy Little Smiles

June 03, 2014
Healthy Little Smiles

Healthy Little Smiles Video

Healthy Little Smiles is an early childhood oral health prevention program located at Phoenix College and supported by First Things First.  Tooth decay is one of the most common preventable diseases seen in children.  Oral health screening, fluoride varnish treatment and dental education are services provided in the oral health program.  Healthy Little Smiles connects with the community to provide oral health prevention services to child care facilities and includes a maternal oral health program in the South Phoenix and Maryvale area.  

Mission of Healthy Little Smiles: To connect with the community and support the healthy development of early childhood by increasing access to oral health prevention programs. The undertaking includes future health care providers’ professional development by participation in serving within the community partnerships.  

For more information contact:

Monica Peterson at

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First Things First was created by voters to expand the early education, health and family support programs that help children arrive at school ready to succeed. Voters set aside a portion of tobacco revenues for this purpose.  Decisions about which specific programs are funded in each community are made b volunteer regional councils who know best what children in their area need.