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February 02, 2015
CLIMATE CHANGE Fact: Did you know...Phoenix College has experienced a steady decline in annual Greenhouse Gases due to small scale energy retrofits. Our changing climate... read more
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January 05, 2015
CONSERVING WATER RESOURCES Fact: Did you know... Earth's most precious natural resource is water? The average American uses approximately 100 gallons a day to clean,... read more
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November 25, 2014
SOLAR ENERGY...THE POWER OF THE SUN Fact: Did you know...The lower half of the Hannelly Center is powered by Solar Panels. The energy is produced as the sun shines on... read more
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November 03, 2014
SAVING ENERGY...TURN OFF THE LIGHTS Fact: Did you know...Exterior lighting on the Hannelly Center, Student Union, and the Center for Nursing Excellence buildings have... read more
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October 01, 2014
SUSTAINABLE BUILDING AND REMODELING Fact: Did you know...When the Hannelly Center was remodeled an additional 20,000 sq. feet was added and the new structure still uses... read more
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September 01, 2014
UNDERSTANDING YOUR IMPACT Fact: Did you know...Everything we do impacts our environment. From the amount of time you drive your car, the length you take a shower and... read more
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August 06, 2014
WHAT IS SUSTAINABILITY? Sustainability is the condition in which ecological diversity, social equity, and economic vitality combine to create a healthy and fulfilling... read more
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June 16, 2014
Coming this fall, the PCGreen team will be launching an educational campaign. Each month will have a theme featuring a monthly green tip to help you practice... read more
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February 11, 2014
PC Green, the campus committee tasked with recommending ideas and projects to make our campus more environmentally sustainable and aware, is conducting a video... read more
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