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June 11, 2014
Have you created a fillable PDF form for uploading to the website or sharing by email, but you wished that end users could save the form after they... read more
Tags: Faculty, Staff
August 28, 2013
Whether posting a blog, entering an event, or editing a page — web editors can hyperlink to other pages, or even to documents, with a few simple steps. To insert a link... read more
Tags: Faculty, Staff
June 12, 2013
Did you know web editors can use keyboard shortcuts instead of clicking buttons in the editing toolbar? For example, if you have selected text and need to make it bold,... read more
Tags: Faculty, Staff
May 29, 2013
Are you a department editor, and need to create a new page for your program or department? First, be certain you actually need a page. Some content may be better as a a... read more
Tags: Faculty, Staff
April 24, 2013
Various heading styles can be used within the website text editor. When creating a page, using proper headings helps to organize the web page, just as using headings in... read more
Tags: Faculty, Staff
April 17, 2013
Are you interested in sharing a page on social media? Bookmark and share using your favorite service by using the +Share button located on many of PC's web pages.... read more
March 06, 2013
Do you need a contact form? How about a survey? Perhaps you need a registration form. Phoenix College web editors have form-building at their disposal. They can create... read more
Tags: Faculty, Staff
February 13, 2013
Each Department has been designated blog that is specific to their area. This widget would appear on the right side panel entitled "Announcements" (see image). Each blog... read more
January 30, 2013
Text that is designed for a printed page is much different than text designed for viewing online. The formatting and flow, the margins, the colors and styles are... read more
Tags: Faculty, Staff
January 23, 2013
To send comments or questions about the website, or to notify the web team of updates or corrections that are needed to a page, or just to make a suggestion, the... read more
Tags: Faculty, Staff