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PC Campus Goes Smoke Free As District-Wide Policy Takes Effect

July 04, 2012
Adhering to a District-wide policy announced last fall, Phoenix College is now a smoke- and tobacco-free campus, which means smoking and tobacco usage on any part of campus property is prohibited.

The ban applies to all areas within campus boundaries, including the inside of buildings, walkways and parking lots. It does not extend beyond school boundaries, such as public perimeter sidewalks.

“There are many reasons why PC joins more than 700 colleges around the nation in this tobacco policy,” said Paul DeRose, vice president of administrative services for PC. “The compelling rationale for the policy is to create a healthier environment for everyone who comes to PC to study, work or visit. We understand people can still choose to smoke, just not on campus.”

The policy took effect Sunday, July 1, 2012. Maricopa Chancellor Rufus Glasper said it was established to further the health and well being of all MCCCD stakeholders.

“The goal of this policy is to provide a healthier learning and working environment," he said.

The policy will rely on self-enforcement. First time violators will be given a warning. Repeat offenders will be handled through Public Safety. Visit the District’s enforcement guidelines to learn more about specific enforcement provisions.

For the last several months, PC’s Student Life & Leadership has been informing students and employees of the new policy including information about cessation programs. PC student Loren Brock Economides said the ban will help push her to quit smoking.

"As a smoking student, I can relate to concerns about the right to make your own choices," she said. "But if you need a good reason to quit, your school is giving you one. I think more people will see it as a positive than a negative."

The District also developed a variety of strategies to help smokers and other tobacco users quit through educational classes and smoking cessation programs. These include:

Maricopa BreatheEasy 

A healthy-living initiative sponsored by the Maricopa Community Colleges, BreatheEasy's goal is to provide information and support to Maricopa students, faculty members and staff in support of the elimination of tobacco products from all District property.


Legend smoking cessation products, such as Zyban, Chantix, and Nicotrol inhaler are covered up to an annual limit of $270 through Express Scripts. *Over the counter smoking cessation products, such as Nicotine patches, nicotine gum and nicotine lozenges are not covered.


Call It Quits is an iPhone app that will let you set your own goals, personalize your experience, create a support network, and Call-A-Coach – in those moments you need help the most.


Each year we help thousands of Arizonans overcome their tobacco addiction and provide free training and technical assistance to healthcare providers.


This program facilitates and provides training and technical assistance to community-based organizations in collaboration with Arizona’s Tobacco Education and Prevention Program to increase the community’s awareness about the dangers of tobacco use.


Offers a convenient, effective way to quit tobacco while working around your schedule.

Opportunity for you to get a buddy that will assist with quitting

Watch for upcoming information on campus cessation classes for staff and students. Contact Bianca Rodriguez for more information.