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Making the bridge between instructors and student-athletes

October 16, 2013

PC Bears’ student-athletes get training in dealing with instructors and classmates


Phoenix, Arizona – October 15, 2013 – In Phoenix College Athletics’ continuing commitment to providing their student-athletes with the tools for academic excellence and success, two Student Success Seminars were given in back-to-back sessions at the PC campus this week.  The seminars, ‘Tutoring Resources’ and ‘How to Approach Your Instructor’ were given to over 100 student-athletes at the C.A.V.E. (Center for Athletic Victory & Excellence).


‘Tutoring Resources’ showed student-athletes how to access some of the best resources around campus to help their academic progress.  Brenton Cheeks, PC’s Lead Success Coach, spoke of the different buildings around campus and what resources each department offered to the kids, and ways that students could better access those resources.  Professor Liz O’Brien, PC’s Honors Program Director, then spoke to the student-athletes about ‘How to Approach Your Instructor’, pointing out the verbal and non-verbal ways to approach, ask questions of, and better discuss subjects, topics and academic questions with their instructors.  O’Brien also pointed out examples of ways that student-athletes can improve their outward expression when interacting with professors, coaches and staff. 


The seminars are more evidence of the ongoing commitment to improve the academic success of PC’s 250+ student-athletes as part of the S.A.S.S. Program (Student-Athlete Scholastic Success Program).  SASS ensures that Bears’ student-athletes have all of the resources they need to achieve their degree and advance to a four-year scholastic institution.  Student-athletes were introduced to the S.A.S.S. Program even before their first classes began this summer, with training sessions about what to expect and what to utilize for their success.  PC Athletic Department Officials expect that SASS will continue to build on what were already impressive academic numbers coming out of the Bears’ Athletic Department.  In 2012-13 alone:  a dozen student-athletes were named NJCAA Academic All-Americans (each achieving a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher); four programs achieved NJCAA Academic All-American team status (each with a cumulative team GPA of 3.0 or higher); and 66 student-athletes transferred to a four-year institution.