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PC Athletics announces 2013 SASS GPA Awards for spring

October 25, 2013

36 Bears’ student-athletes earn awards with minimum 3.0 GPA


Phoenix, Arizona – October 25, 2013 –Phoenix College is proud to announce that 36 Bears’ student-athletes were honored for their academic achievement-overall and for the 2013 spring semester-as part of PC Athletics’ continuing commitment to providing their student-athletes with the tools for academic excellence and success as part of the SASS (Student-Athlete Scholastic Success) Program.  The awards were announced in-between games of the Bears’ ACCAC Men’s-Women’s Soccer doubleheader against Paradise Valley Thursday night at Hogan Field at Hoy Stadium on the PC campus.  All eight of PC’s sports were represented by at least one recipient.


36 awards were given for student-athletes that earned a 3.0 grade point average for their classes during the 2013 spring semester.  The Bears’ spring sports led the way as 8 softball and 7 baseball student-athletes made up nearly half that list, while football also tied for the most with 8.  Men’s soccer placed five members on the list, and volleyball placed four different members of their teams.  In addition, three student-athletes (two members of the Bears’ Football team and his member of the Bears’ Baseball team) were awarded bronze medals for achieving a cumulative 3.2 GPA for their college academic career.  Finally, a total of 20 student-athletes (5 softball, 4 baseball, 4 volleyball, 3 men’s soccer, two football, and one each from women’s basketball and women’s soccer) were awarded silver medals for achieving a cumulative 3.4 GPA during their time at PC.  Phoenix College President Dr. Anna Solley and PC Athletic Director Samantha Ezell both praised the efforts of the student-athletes during Thursday night’s ceremony, and continued to emphasize the college’s and the athletic department’s commitment to sustained academic success for their students.  In addition, the 10 members of the SASS Committee were introduced along with 7 SASS Mentors and PC Athletics Student Success Coach Jennifer Nez.


The announcements and awards are more evidence of the ongoing commitment to improve the academic success of PC’s 250+ student-athletes as part of the SASS Program.  SASS ensures that Bears’ student-athletes have all of the resources they need to achieve their degree and advance to a four-year scholastic institution.  Student-athletes were introduced to the SASS Program even before their first classes began this summer, with training sessions about what to expect and what to utilize for their success.  PC Athletic Department Officials expect that SASS will continue to build on what were already impressive academic numbers coming out of the Bears’ Athletic Department.  In 2012-13 alone:  a dozen student-athletes were named NJCAA Academic All-Americans (each achieving a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher); four programs achieved NJCAA Academic All-American team status (each with a cumulative team GPA of 3.0 or higher); and 66 student-athletes transferred to a four-year institution.