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Class Project Feeds Homeless Families

December 20, 2013

A group of students in Ben Kuhn’s MGT 230 – Management and Leadership class at Phoenix College used a class assignment to give back to the community. Each semester, Kuhn’s class is assigned a project management assignment. This year, seven of his students teamed together to turn the project into one that would have an impact greater than just a grade.

The group collected food, gift cards and household goods to donate to Save the Family in Mesa, Ariz., an organization that works with homeless families to help them achieve self-sufficiency. The group’s goal was to raise $30 in canned food, an aluminum baking pan, and a $30 gift card – all of which would be packed up in a plastic clothes basket. The objective was to assist a family with their Thanksgiving holiday meal, as well as provide them with items to assist them beyond the holiday.

The students, whose only requirement was that they were not allowed to use their own money to fund the project, got to work collecting canned food from friends and family to get started. Two of the students were able to setup collection jars at their work for monetary donations and a couple of corporate sponsors donated gift cards to the effort.

The initial goal was to help one family for the holiday, but according to Kuhn, “Based on the students’ hard work and generous friends, they were able to feed three families!”

The students then used their experience to present a group presentation to their class about how their project management skills helped to make it into a successful venture. The students involved in this generous effort include: Verenice Cervantes, Asia Hatcher, Amy Kwan, Tamishia Newell, O’Leary Mays, Anthony Mirabel, and Howard “Joe” Van Opdorp.

As a “thank you” for their efforts, the students received a letter from Save the Family thanking them for their donations, as well as hand-written cards and photos from each of the families they helped.