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News Archives - November 2010
September 19, 2014
“Rig one up, lighting to show level, choir in place,” announced the emcee as the curtains opened.  No, these aren’t cues for a Broadway show or Hollywood production... read more
September 17, 2014
Defending ACCAC Regular Season Champs return to poll for 2nd time this season at #14   Colorado Springs, CO – September 17, 2014 -- Phoenix College is proud to... read more
September 09, 2014
PC Bears’ student-athletes get training in interaction with campus instructors, administrators & staff   Phoenix, Arizona – September 9, 2014 – In Phoenix... read more
September 08, 2014
UPDATE - 09/09/14: The campus is now open and classes are back in session. - - - 09/08/14: Due to extreme weather and traffic conditions the Phoenix College campus... read more
August 29, 2014
“Out with the old and in with the new” is the motto for Café Oso this semester. Gone is the revolving menu and three-course meal. In its place is a new menu, packed with... read more
August 28, 2014
’13 Region I Finalists begin season-opening three-match homestand at “The Bears’ Den” tomorrow   Phoenix, Arizona – August 28, 2014 -- Phoenix College is proud to... read more
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