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Eric Fischl Gallery

Fischl Vanguard Awards

Phoenix Art Museum

Pictured: 2013 Eric Fischl Lecture Series, held in Whiteman Hall at the Phoenix Art Museum.  Special thanks to our program partners: Eric Fischl, Climatec, Phoenix Art Museum, Bentley Gallery and Bentley Projects, Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation.


The Fischl Vanguard Award was created by Eric Fischl to recognize emerging student talent in the fine arts field. “Phoenix College gave me my start, and I want to honor that opportunity,” said Fischl, who has generously provided scholarships to Phoenix College art students since 2005.

"Phoenix College gave me my start, and I want to honor that opportunity."

Presented as part of the Eric Fischl Lecture Series, the Vanguard Award comes with a $2,500 cash prize, and is chosen as "Best in Show," by Fischl and Series guest artist. After the awards are chosen from among the entrants of the Phoenix College Annual Student Art Competition, the show is selected, and the award-winning student artwork is placed on display in the Phoenix Art Museum’s Great Hall. Lecture series guests and students are provided an opportunity to view the show before and after the lecture.

As of January 2014, eleven student artists have been presented this esteemed award and have been welcomed into a community of future artists that are certain to make their mark in the years to come.  If you are interested in supporting emerging artists and the Vanguard Awards please contact the Phoenix College Development Office at 602.285.7667.

2013 Eric Fischl Vanguard Awards

Roberto RomeroRoberto Romero
Untitled Dyptych
Digital Print
Amelec Diaz Amelec Diaz
El Negro
Mixed Media
Fischl presents two artists with the prestigious Vanguard Award, which is $2,500 cash prize for each student whose artwork receives Best in Show in the college's Student Art Competition. The award-winning student artwork is displayed in Phoenix Art Museum's Great Hall before and after the lecture. Read more…

Vanguard Award Recipients — Prior Years

  • 2012 — Marco Turrubiarte, Kris Manzanares, Thomas Ingersoll
  • 2011 — Joe Valenzuela, Jesus Sandoval
  • 2010 — Sharon Kindred, (3-D) sculpture "Eye of Beauty"
  • 2010 — Anna Reitz, (2-D) drawing "Necktie"
  • 2009 — Alexandria Mada, James Legg
  • 2008 — Francisco Garcia
  • 2007 — Catherine (Caty) Raya
  • 2006 — Sarah Amalia Brooks
  • 2005 — Michelle Marie Bevins