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Student Life & Leadership

Student Handbook & Procedures

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is incorporated in the Phoenix College Catalog & Handbook. You can find information about student life, campus services and College procedures and MCCD policies.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Posting Flyers on Campus

Several bulletin boards are available on campus for the posting of fliers and advertisements. The item to be posted must be approved and stamped in the Office of Student Life and Leadership or it will be removed. Student Life staff will post the materials on designated boards for a period of up to 30 days. If the advertisement is campus/club related, we will accept and post - 10 copies; from an outside source and unrelated to campus events/activities - 8 copies; housing related - 2 copies.

Posting Banners on Campus

Currently recognized on‐campus clubs and organizations may post banners on campus. Banner space must be reserved by completing a Banner Space Request Form and submitting it to Student Life and Leadership. All banners must be approved for content prior to display, and may not be displayed for more than two (2) weeks (Monday‐Sunday). Banners may only be posted in designated areas. Students whose banner space request is approved will receive a Confirmation of Banner Space Reservation sent via email. This confirmation will include the name of the location and the dates for which the banner was approved. Campus banner space is limited. The banner can not be larger than 4 x 8 and must have the student club or organization name clearly listed on the face.


Phoenix College Procedure for Petition Signature Solicitation

Phoenix College Procedure for Petition Signature Solicitation (Appendix S-14 / Download PDF)

MCCCD Administrative Regulation 2.4.8 Petition Signature Solicitation  governs access to college premises by representatives who wish to solicit signatures on petitions for the purpose of submission of a ballot proposition to voters for nominating of a candidate for elective office, in a city, county, or statewide election.


  1. Read complete college procedures in College Catalog Appendix S-14 or download (PDF).
  2. Prior notice must be provided to the Director of Student Life and Leadership, or other appropriate college designee, no fewer than three (3) days before soliciting signatures.
  3. Read and sign acknowledgement of Phoenix College Procedure for Petition Signature Solicitation.
  4. Check in with approved legal ID, wear college identification badge during time on campus.
  5. General Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9am to 2pm, so long as time on campus does not exceed two days per month. Additional time may be requested.
  6. Location: College will designate an area/space and table and two chairs will be provided.

Note: Representatives may not distribute or make available to students, employees, or college visitors any tangible item, except for informational literature about the proposed candidate or ballot initiative.



Phoenix College Procedure for Solicitation

Catalog Appendix S-15 See Also MCCCD Administrative Regulation 2.4.9 Use of College Grounds by Non-MCCCD-Affiliated Users

The Office of Student Life and Leadership often receives requests from individuals and companies wishing to visit campus to sell or advertise products, register voters, or ask individuals to sign petitions. In order to visit campus for these activities, individuals must comply with Phoenix College and Maricopa Community College District policies and processes. Failure to comply with MCCCD policies and administrative regulations could result in the termination of solicitor privileges on any or all college campuses. If you have questions about MCCCD policies or admin regs, contact the Office of Public Stewardship at 480-731-8880. The MCCCD is an EEO/AA institution.

Solicitor: A solicitor is any non-MCCCD affiliated entity that would, on the premises of any Maricopa Community College or Center, purport to sell or promote any product, service, or idea, but does not include such an entity that would enter the premises for the purposes of promoting, opposing, or soliciting petition signatures in connection with any political candidate or initiative, or referendum ballot.


  1. Read complete College Procedure for Solicitation. Download PDF
  2. Contact the PC Event Services Office to request a reservation.
  3. Complete a Facility Reservation OR Solicitation Request Form and submit it to the Event Services Office.
  4. You may be required to supply a Proof of Insurance Certificate naming MCCCD as "additional insured." Contact Event Services for assistance and complete information.
  5. Pay your Campus Visit Fee of $50/day or $125/week at the Event Services Office.

Note: One table and two chairs may be provided to each solicitor. Solicitors may place banners or signs on the table to encourage interest. Banners and signs may not be adhered to any surface. Note that availability of college provided table and chairs may vary by location/scheduled events.


Public Expression on Campus

Phoenix College recognizes and supports the rights of students and visitors to speak in public and to demonstrate in a lawful manner in designated areas of the campus and at designated times. In order to maintain safety, security, and order, to insure the orderly scheduling of campus facilities, and to preclude conflicts with academic and co-curricular activities, Phoenix College reserves the reasonable right to limit such activities by the following regulations regarding time, place and manner of such activities.

TIME:  The time designated for public expression on campus is between 10:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday, subject to summer and holiday college closures.

PLACE:  Sophomore Square, located between the Hannelly Center and Learning Center, is designated as the college’s open forum space for the purposes of speakers, sponsored and un-sponsored, College-affiliated or visitors to the campus, in order to avoid unreasonable conflict with the normal functions and requirements of the College and to assure that the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic will not be impeded.

MANNER:  Demonstrations, speeches, and debates may be held only in Sophomore Square. Authorization is granted based on space availability through the Office of Student Life and Leadership. Notice must be received no less than 48 hours in advance of the activity. The use of amplification equipment in association with any public expression activity is prohibited.

Public expression activities must not violate the College’s harassment policies or any other College policies. Public expression cannot jeopardize public or individual safety. The College reserves the right to relocate or suspend any assembly that violates College or District policy or regulation.

The College recognizes that individuals or groups may be opposed to certain acts of public expression. Disagreement with different opinions is acceptable; however, hindering or obstructing such activity compromises the College's goal of creating an environment where issues can be openly discussed. An individual or group wishing to protest at an event may do so as long as the protest is held in accord with the “time, place, and manner” guidelines detailed above and the speaker’s ability to speak and the audience’s right to see and to hear a speaker are not unreasonably impeded.

The Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee will be responsible for administering this policy. Violations of this policy are subject to judicial review and disciplinary sanctions, as are demonstrations that become disruptive. Non-College groups or individuals acting in violation of this policy will be required to leave campus, and may be referred to the City of Phoenix Police in the event of criminal action. Any police arrests and criminal charges are separate from judicial actions at Phoenix College.