Student Briana Calixto chose to take iOS courses as a part of the CIS certificate and/or degree offered here at PC. She chose to incorporate iOS courses into her academic plan to increase her understanding of technology and computer systems alongside her Applied Science Associate degree. Read a little about her experience below and contact the CIS department for iOS course information. 

Q: What year are you and what is your certificate/degree?

A: This upcoming fall will be my third year at PC. My degree will be Associate in applied science.

Q: Why did you choose this program at PC?

A: I chose this program because I really enjoy working online and challenging myself with new courses. Plus PC is very welcoming!

Q: What would you tell a student about the CIS or iOS program if they said they were considering choosing it as a major?

A: To be patient and open minded because in my opinion this major will always be growing. We will always be training to learn the new programs that get released.

Q: Tell me about one of your favorite experiences in an iOS course.

A: My favorite experience would have to be my first iOS course. The fact that this class is Apple-based was my highlight of that whole semester. The teacher we had made my overall first iOS class fun and interactive.

Q: How do you feel about the opportunity to take iOS courses?

A: Very excited, it's a whole new experience even though I am taking my second iOS course this upcoming fall.

Q: What are your goals for the future?

A: My goal for the future is to actually work with a big company such as Microsoft, Apple or even Google.

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