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What documentation is required for VA education benefits?
Use the table below to determine what documentation is required:

Select from the following documents needed

Montgomery G.I. Bill - Active Duty Discharge from Active Duty (DD214)
Certificate of Eligibility from the Department of Veterans Affairs
Montgomery G.I. Bill - Select Reserve/National Guard
(Chapter 1606) 
Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE), which may be obtained from your Educational Officer.

Members of the Arizona National Guard may obtain a NOBE from their Educational Officer, or at

REAP - Reserve Educational Assistance Program
(Chapter 1607)
Discharge from Active Duty (DD214), or Military orders
Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment
(Chapter 31)
You must meet with a VA counselor to apply for Chapter 31 benefits at the Phoenix VA Regional Office 602.627.2800. (not the Veterans Services Representative at Phoenix College) Once the VA counselor determines your eligibility, he or she will send a payment authorization to the PC Veterans Services.
DEAP Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance Program
(Chapter 35)
Certificate of Eligibility from the Department of Veterans Affairs

What do I need to start my VA educational benefits at Phoenix College?

The first step: apply for admissions to the college. Once you have applied for admission, please visit Veterans Services and complete a Veteran’s Request for Education Benefits form (must be completed each semester).

What if I have received benefits at another institution?

Submit form 22-1995 Change of Program or Place of Training and request official transcripts from all other institutions.

How long does it take to receive benefits?

Veterans applying to receive benefits may request to have their tuition due date deferred each semester enrolled. If you are using your educational benefits for the first time, it usually takes eight to ten weeks to receive your first educational benefit check.

I want to start using VA educational benefits. What do I need to do?

Contact the Veterans Affairs Educational Call Center at 1-888-442-4551 first to determine status of your educational benefit or contacting them via email by submitting a question found on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website (  After your educational benefits are determined, visit your VA Certifying Official at Phoenix College.

What do I need to bring with me to start using VA benefits?

The first time you visit Veterans Services at Phoenix College to use your educational benefits you will need to bring with you your copy of your DD-214 Member-4 and Certificate of Eligibility.  Refer to the Getting Started - Steps to Success for additional documents and instructions.

How do I apply for benefits?

You can apply for your educational benefits at (Apply for Benefits). You will need to fill out the online VONAPP, print it out, and bring a copy to the Veterans Services.

What is a VONAPP?

The VONAPP is the VA Online Application found at and is used for all veteran educational benefits.

Which DD Form 214 do I need?

We need the Member-4 copy of your DD-214. This is the copy that shows your Type of Separation and your Character of Service on the bottom of the page.

Do I need to come to Veterans Services every semester?

You do not need to physically come to Phoenix College; however, you must connect with your Veterans Services Certifying Official each semester.  The Certifying Official submits the classes you are registered for to the Regional Veterans Affairs Office in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Only classes that are certified will be paid.

What classes will the VA pay for?

When starting your enrollment with the Veterans Services, you will declare your Program of Study located in the Course Catalog. Only classes on your Program of Study will be   authorized and approved for payment by the VA.

As a veteran, how do I obtain in-state residency?

Any veteran who is honorably discharged on their DD-214, who has an Arizona driver’s license, and who has an Arizona voter’s registration card is eligible for in-state tuition.

What is Muskogee?

The Muskogee Regional Processing Office (RPO) at Muskogee, Oklahoma, is the Western Regional office of primary responsibility for processing educational claims.

How come I have not received my money/check from the VA yet?

All educational benefits are processed by the VA Regional Processing Office (RPO) at Muskogee Oklahoma, 1-888-442-4551.

I went to do my verification of enrollment on the WAVE and it does not show my current enrollment. What is going on?

See your VA Certifying Official.  They can confirm if you have been certified.

I called the verification of enrollment line to do my verification of enrollment, the recording says that my file doesn’t exist

See your VA Certifying Official for assistance or call the VA Regional Processing Office at 1-888-442-4551 for assistance.

I called the VA and they said the school hasn’t sent my enrollment information. What is going on?

See your VA Certifying Official or call the VA Regional Processing Office at 1-888-442-4551 for assistance.

How much educational benefit do I have left?

Call the VA Regional Processing Office at 1-888-442-4551 for assistance.