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AZ Latina Trailblazers Call for Submissions

The Raul H. Castro Institute 2016 Arizona Latina Trailblazers

Submissions Are Now Open

Deadline for Submission:  January 29, 2016

The Phoenix College Raul H. Castro Institute (RCI) is committed to the preservation of stories that have helped shape the modern history of Arizona: Arizona Latina Trailblazers — Stories of Courage, Hope and Determination. These oral histories seek to capture the life stories of extraordinary Latinas who made significant contributions to the community, strongly imprinting their presence onto the fabric of our history through their courageous efforts.

It is our hope that through capturing and sharing these stories, each of their unique legacies will be perpetuated as generations of leaders continue to be inspired by the spirit and actions of these pioneering women. The oral histories and accompanying video vignettes will be preserved as a digital record for future generations through their addition to the Arizona Memory Project. All materials submitted will be considered for inclusion in K-12 social studies curriculum developed in accordance with the Arizona State College and Career Readiness Standards. This effort is part of the mission of the RCI.

This year's Arizona Latina Trailblazers will be recognized at a reception on:

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 from 6-8 pm
Phoenix Art Museum Great Hall (map)
1625 North Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85004


Nominee must have made significant contributions to Arizona communities in one or more of the following categories:

    • Government / Public Service / Community Advocacy
    • Education / Arts
    • Health / Social Services
    • Leadership / Business / Entrepreneurship
  • Nominee must be a Latina
  • Recognition should include contributions made as a resident of Arizona.


A selection committee comprised of past Arizona Trailblazer recipients, as well as business, community and agency leaders will review all submissions. The finalists will receive a confirmation letter in November.

Nominees will be evaluated according to their contributions to Arizona history and trailblazing efforts.

  1. Blazing a Trail: Breaking barriers or overcoming obstacles to pave the way for transformative change.
  2. Impacting Arizona History: Accomplishments which have historical significance in the context of the State's Hispanic heritage.


  • Submit electronically at by 5 p.m. January 29, 2016. Late submissions will not be considered. For assistance contact the Raul H. Castro Institute at 602.285.7416. Nominees are strongly encouraged to assist in completing the form.
  • Nominees and/or family representatives must be able to contribute photographs and ephemera/memorabilia and must be available for oral history interviews in November and December as well as in person video interviews in March/April 2016 to be held in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • If the nominee is deceased, please provide family contact information or list individual/s who could be interviewed or provide ephemera, photographs, and other materials that could help tell the trailblazer's story.


Trino Sandoval
(602) 285-7890 

Please fill out information about the person you are nominating.
The person nominating someone should fill this out.
Please Answer the Following Questions
Be as specific as possible, giving examples and measurable contributions as well as dates and actions.
Explain why this individual should be recognized as a Latina Trailblazer in her field of endeavor(s). Use one of the categories from the list above. Give examples and explain how this individual's life and accomplishments broke barriers, inspired others and lead the way for younger generations. (150 word limit)
Detail significant events in which the individual played a leadership role. Accomplishments must have historical significance in the context of the State's Hispanic heritage. (150 word limit)
Describe this individual's inspiration and legacy for Arizona by providing examples of past recognitions, honors, awards and kudos received. (150 word limit)

Submissions are due January 29, 2016 by 5:00 p.m.