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Phoenix College Latino Film Festival 2014

Latino Film Festival

Latino Film FestWelcome! / ¡Bienvenidos! to the 2014 Phoenix College Latino Film Festival. As we have done for the past 14 years, we strive to present a diverse sample of films from Latin America and the United States.  As in past festivals, we have invited film directors and scholars to engage our audiences in meaningful, yet entertaining, critiques of the documentaries and fiction films we have chosen.

The Festival is fortunate to have the support of the faculty and staff of the College’s Liberal Arts Department, including the work-study crew, and the invaluable assistance of the Institutional Advancement Office at Phoenix College. We particularly want to acknowledge the contributions of our host, the City of Phoenix Latino Insititute and Carmela Ramirez and Dr. Juana Suárez from New York University (NYU) who programmed the festival. All have truly helped make the Film Festival an inclusive community event.

I proudly invite you to enjoy the Festival!

Trino Sandoval
Founder and Director
Phoenix College Latino Film Festival

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City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department, Latino Institute - nuestra voz al mundo (our voice to the world), Phoenix College, Maricopa Community Colleges