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Course Reserves


  • You can search the library catalog to see what has been placed on Course Reserves. Just use the drop-down box to select PC Course Reserves as your search target instead of Phoenix College.
  • Materials are located at the circulation desk.
  • Materials are for Phoenix College student  use unless the instructor specifies otherwise.
  • Materials are generally In Library Use Only. The instructor or department makes this decision.
  • Materials will be available for student use once they are processed and appear on Course Reserves in library catalog.
  • Materials may not be renewed.
  • The material will be placed on Course Reserves under the Instructor's Name, Subject Code and Course Number.
  • Course Reserves Overdue Fines: $.50 per hour per item up to $50.00. Fines begin immediately after the due time.  Material will be considered lost if 14 days overdue.
  • If material not returned within 21 days of due date, the cost of the lost item will be required to be paid, whether returned or not; this will be in addition to the $50.00 overdue fine.


  • Faculty may place circulating library materials or their own personal materials on Course Reserves so they will be accessible to students for classroom assignments. Material will be available for student use within 24-48 hours of submission.
  • Print and fill out the Course Reserves Request Form. Bring the form to the library along with your materials to be placed on reserve. The form should be filled out completely so that the material will be correctly entered into the Course Reserves Room for easy access. 
  • The material will be placed on Course Reserves under the Instructor Name, Subject Code and Course Number. The instructor may specify the length of time the material is to be left on Course  Reserves (if not specified the material will be removed at the end of the current semester). You may also specify how long the material may be checked out (In Library Use Only is generally 2 or 4 hours use. If material is to be taken out of the library the loan period is generally Overnight, 3 days or 1 week).


In compliance with copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code 202 and under Section 107 of H.R. 2223) all reproductions of articles from journals, on-line databases, scores, or book chapters may remain on Reserve for one semester and not used again. A single copy of one article per periodical issue may be placed on Reserve. Copies from books may be limited to one chapter per title, depending on length of work and substance of portion copied. Written permission from the publisher is required for anything else.

If you have any questions regarding the Course Reserve Room or acquiring Reserve forms, you may contact Judy MacQueen 5-7829 or Livia Herrera 5-7360