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Dental Hygiene Clinic

Dental Hygiene Clinic

The Phoenix College Dental Hygiene Clinic offers preventive and therapeutic dental services to qualified patients. All procedures performed by students are under the supervision of instructors, and may require more than one visit to be completed.

Dental visits begin with a medical history review and dental screening examination.

Services include:

  • medical history review
  • blood pressure screening
  • radiographs (x-rays)
  • extra- and intra-oral examination
  • periodontal assessment to determine the health of the gums
  • selective polishing
  • fluoride treatments as needed
  • conservative periodontal therapy
  • administration of local anesthetic
  • dental sealants (a thin plastic coating on chewing surfaces of molars to help prevent decay)

Making an Appointment

The Dental Clinic is closed approximately five months per year (winter, spring and summer breaks and all other observed holidays). It is recommended to make an appointment early in the semester.

Phone: 602.285.7323
LocationR building (north end of campus)

New patients should download a new patient form prior to arriving at the clinic. Payment is required prior to services being rendered. Clinic patients will be given a receipt to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement of fees.

Dental Hygiene Screenings

If you are interested in receiving oral hygiene services at PC dental clinic, and have not been a patient prior, or it has been over two years since your last visit, your first visit will be for screening purposes only.  At this appointment, a supervised dental hygiene student will gather data to determine your eligibility to receive dental hygiene care at PC clinic.

Eligibility is determined on a case by case basis, and is primarily determined by the opportunity to provide student learning, as well as, the clinic's ability to meet your oral health needs.  Eligible patients will be assigned to a student dental hygienist.  The student will contact you for your first appointment within 7 days of the screening appointment.  This screening appointment is free and takes approximately 30 minutes.