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STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics... and You!


Spring 2013

ASK me about STEM

IMG_2266-2 During the past spring the STEM Program run a series of events called ASK me about STEM aimed at increasing interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics disciplines among PC students. The events were held at lunchtime on Sophomore Square for five consecutive Mondays from the end of March through April.

Several faculty members and staff from the Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Biosciences departments participated in the events and helped plan and provide activities and experiments. Additional hands-on activities and games were prepared by the STEM Scholars, a group of nine students selected by the STEM Program that work to create a supporting network for all PC students interested in pursuing STEM related studies.

Some of the most popular activities included the extraction of DNA from strawberries, the observation through a microscope of aphid mummies, exploring repeating mathematical patterns, witnessing colorful “magic” chemical reactions and having a “shocking” physics experience with the help of an electrostatic generator.

The events were organized by the STEM Program with key support from all the STEM academic departments at PC.

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STEM Symposium

stem symposium On May 14, 2013, the STEM Program hosted the 2013 Water Investigations STEM Symposium. Over 400 middle and high school students, along with their teachers and parents spent the day at Phoenix College.

PC’s Dean Wilbert Nelson opened the event, with Dr. Jo Ellen Russell from the University of Arizona serving as keynote speaker. The Symposium was modeled after a conference for professionals where the students communicated their science findings to their peers and adult guests during 10-minute presentations. During the Symposium the students also conducted a water resource experiment by measuring the water flow in several bathrooms at PC to determine the flow rate with and without water-saving aerators.  With the replacements the college will be able to save a considerable amount of water.

Several PC students participated in the activities leading to the Symposium, in either a mentoring role for the middle school students or by doing their own water research. The Symposium was part of a widespread outreach effort of the UA Arizona WET Program and was supported through a grant from The Nature Conservancy.

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Wellness, Life, and Balance Expo


Activities included:

-Mobile mammography
-Free healthy food samples
-Free STD and HIV testing
-Healthy food demonstrations and tasting
-Guidance on creating a personal health record

In an effort to provide the Phoenix College community with health awareness through education and prevention, the STEM Program and Student Life & Leadership organized a Wellness, Life and Balance Expo at PC on March 20, 2013.


Soda Straw Rockets competition


The STEM Program organized a  competition of soda straw rockets for approximately 150 students during their early spring visit to the PC campus.

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