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STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics... and You!

S-STEM Scholars

Every semester the NSF funded Phoenix College S-STEM Scholarship Program selects a group of students that are academic achievers, interested in STEM research, and pursuing STEM careers to receive a scholarship of up to $3,500/semester. Throughout the fall and spring semesters this group, called the S-STEM Scholars, engages in authentic STEM experiences, including research and internships, and presents this research to both our campus and the broader STEM community.  Read student blogs documenting their internship experiences here.

The Spring 2016 S-STEM Scholars are: Anthony Gutierrez, Lucas Jarman, Jose Loya, Bethany Farah, Daniela Balderas, David Reyes, Celena Parra, Oliver Garcia, Liliana Gutierrez, and Alexis Almazan Pagola.

Additionally, funded summer research and internship opportunities are available to both current Phoenix College students and those bridging from high school.

The Summer 2016 S-STEM Research Internship Awardees are: Jasmine Patricio, Jorge Amaya, Yesenia Barrera Millan, Jose Loya, Liliana Gutierrez, Alexis Almazan Pagola, David Reyes, Celena Parra.